on beginnings


Welcome back old friends and hello new ones. I’m back to this blogging thing and ready for it to become a good, regular thing again. Some of you may remember that we’ve been here before and then for one reason or another I took all the rest of the blogs down. Well lets take another shot at it…I’m planning on updating you on what’s happening in our lives, introducing you to the new and unique, sharing cute things the kids do, and hopefully honestly sharing what life is like for me.

Talking about new beginnings; the baby has been walking for several months and has now decided to run. He throws his arms back, tilts his head, grins, and takes off.

For those of you who love hearing about what babies do (if you don’t enjoy it so much, indulge me for a little while), here’s a listing of his new words:

  1. Mama 
  2. Dada 
  3. Buba (brother) 
  4. Uh-Oh (said over and over again) 
  5. Hello 
  6. That 
  7. This 
  8. Ball 
  9. Balloon (sorta clear) 
  10. Dog 
  11. Woof-Woof
  12. Hello 
  13. Ouch 
  14. Hot 
  15. Thereitis 
  16. Peekaboo 
  17. …twoTHREE 
  18. …setGO 
  19. NoNo 
  20. Shhh

One thought on “on beginnings

  1. It was really good to be able to spent some time with your family in Butte. Pray you have a GREAT trip HOME.,,,,Good stuff in your blog.

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