Amazing Race Style {part 2}



In Amazing Race Style {part 1} I talked about our crazy travels. Now I want to talk about how and why we didn’t go absolutely crazy and still love each other.

So how did we do it? How did we entertain the boys for that long? Besides a good dose of grace, we found some specific things to be pretty helpful: 

  1. Soaking up the uniqueness of each new state by taking pictures with the state sign, collecting souvenirs, learning a bit about the sate, and doing unique state specific things. Even as simple as eating Mexican food in Southern California or taking free things from the rest areas at the state borders. We got some great Texas pins in Amarillo.
  2. New toys every once and awhile. I’ve seen some moms wrap them in crepe paper to add a bit of fun unwrapping time. And we invested in some plastic boxes to keep the new toys, snacks, and DVD players all corralled. They fit just perfectly in the wheel wells and gave us some much needed sanity. We LOVED: the Pirates Magnetic Figures by Mudpuppy,Map of the USA by Mudpuppy Press, and Best Travel Activity Book Ever by Rand McNally. We DIDN’T love: 52 fun things to do on a plane, and Rand McNally Kids Road Atlas
  3. Stopping for a leisurely lunch and allowing the kids to run around. Trying to eat healthy as much as possible so everyone feels good. McDonald’s playgrounds are awesome, though, if the weather is bad.
  4. Limiting screen time.
  5. With that said, not being afraid of loading up the ipod with games that will keep the kids busy for a few precious minutes. We LOVED: The Wheels on the Bus, Super WhyPeekaboo Barn, and Paper Town
  6. Buying some good music and having impromptu dance parties. The ABSOLUTE best: Justin Roberts Why Not Sea Monsters: Songs from the Hebrew Scriptures and Songs from the New Testament. Also not bad: The Cars Soundtrack 

Hope that helps if you ever decide to follow in our long and dusty track. 

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