10 year Reunion

Growing up overseas and attending a small private school has made Michael and I pretty unique (read weird). One of the awesome privileges of the “third culture kid” life (besides eating weird food and flying around the world multiple times) is that we were able to get really close to our classmates in boarding school. So when we heard that we there was going to be a 10 year reunion we jumped at the chance to see everyone. Well actually we felt really old and couldn’t believe that it had already been 10 years, and then jumped at the chance. A few of us were able to get together for some great food, hours of sitting around reminiscing, watching old horrible home movies, laughing at our kids, boating, tubing, hiking, and so on. Is that how most high school reunions are? On TV there always seem to be cat fights and drama…there really wasn’t any of that…unless you count when the gang of four year olds wanted to play with the same ball. 

If you know us, or have never met us, I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and catching some of the bond that is still there 10 years later. I might sometimes feel weird or out of it for having grown up overseas, but getting back with all my friends makes me realize that I would never trade it for all of the comfortableness in the world. And that I am happy that my kids are getting the same chance. 

Props to Jewel, Erin, and Heather for the pictures. Like usual we took only a few measly pictures. 


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