Today the little one had surgery. It was just a minor, outpatient surgery. But still it was hard on us as his parents. He had to go under full anesthesia so we went through the no food after 12 am, no liquids after 4 hours before surgery thing. He is still not a very good night sleeper so that part made it tough.

After admission they gave him some “happy juice” that made him super out of it. He kept on giggling and he had a hard time focusing his eyes. We had to laugh. Finally after a long wait, we had to walk him down the long corridor to the surgery rooms and then surrender him to the nurses. I shouldn’t have looked back to see his loopy blond head bouncing on the nurses shoulder. It was a hard to give up my baby.

Finally they said that everything went well and that we could be with him in recovery. We sat with him, holding him around all of the monitors and cords, until they decided he was doing well enough to get ready to leave. Five hours after he happily walked out the door, we were back home with a sleepy, cranky child. He’s playing at my feet with his brother right now and I am so glad that I don’t have to do that more often and for nothing worse then that.


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