shopping {holiday edition}

As I gather and buy things to take back with us it sometimes feels like I am singlehandedly propping the economy up with all my shopping. Don’t get me wrong…its fun…but since we can’t afford everything I see and want, allow me to make a little wish list here so I can get it out of my system. Some things I have bought, somethings I will buy, some I’ll buy/craft a cheaper alternative, and some will just live on in dream form only. 

I decided that we needed to bring things for the different holidays. I’ve done a pretty poor job of making holidays special for the kids…we are always moving or in transition (christmases for 3 years in a row have come after a big change)…easter passed my exhausted self by with out much fanfare (we did manage to read the real easter story…but my son is still begging to dye the eggs with the kit my sister sent me 2 easters ago). So now I want to at least decorate, even if we can’t have family, or are usually always moving.


I love Thanksgiving or fall type decor (we don’t really celebrate Halloween, but would probably lump harvest and fall and all that in there). Since we can’t get much of that in the tropics, I’m bringing some ceramic pumpkins to paint white…some felt leaves…and still looking for some pretty fall type napkins or tablecloths.


Christmas is always celebrated fairly well at our house, but usually very hectic. I always try to decorate with stockings and do special food and put one Sufjan Steven’s Christmas album. This year I’d also like to achieve decorating. I bought the felt balls and have visions of using them for counting and sorting games after Christmas…kinda Montessori like.


I’ve been searching and searching for the right tree to take with us (they are so expensive in Indonesia)…In fact I even bought one. But when it got here I realized that it snowed uggh! But the worst part is that it doesn’t break down to fit in our suitcases. Double uggh. So I donated it.  I love the tree my mother-in-law has; it looks something like the one below. But maybe I should just give up and make one like the wooden doweled affair. I have also heard rumors of a small little cutie that our friends said I can use…so I’ll probably give up the search.


I like the idea of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with rainbows and reading the story of Noah. Here’s some pretty rainbow activities and decorations. St. Patrick was also somewhat of an inspiring guy so maybe we’ll talk about that and do something with three leaf clovers (representing the trinity)…still brainstorming.


I like all of the symbolism that goes along with the egg. I’ve already bought the unfinished eggs (I mean unfinished wood eggs not unfinished raw eggs as I said below) and the beeswax polish and plan on having some wood polishing activities sort of Montessori like again.


I’m still working on figuring out Valentines Day and both Independence Days (USA and Indonesia). Maybe I’ll throw in some Dr. Seuss’s birthday stuff. Are there any huge holidays that I’m forgetting? Earth Day maybe? Is there a way that you like to decorate or celebrate?

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