Half Way Around the World {what to wear}


I thought about what to wear for the 30+ hour flight for a long time…I even googled it…but then again I google everything. Clothes are such a personal thing so I feel funny saying this is what YOU should wear. I saw much better dressed people, and much worse dressed people (ie all the tourists coming from Bali wearing their Bali pants). From my research I gleaned a couple of key things that I want to share with you. First, you have to have comfortable pants, but ones that look good…preferably not sweat pants with juicy written in sequins across the bum. My stretch skinny jeans mostly fit the bill. I vacillated between a comfy t-shirt or a nice structured dress shirt/tank top combo, but went for the t-shirt. It was maybe a good decision. A nicer shirt may have made it possible for me to fulfill the lifelong dream of being bumped up to business class…but does that ever really happen? With kids? Yeah I doubt it. A cardigan is nice for the variable weather on the plane…I chose a light drapey one that I can still wear in the tropics. According to people the pashmina is a must and I found I used it a lot…as an alternate piece of clothing…a nursing cover-up…a blanket for the boys… Finally my beloved Toms. They were like a slipper that I didn’t feel embarrassed wearing around.
Here’s an article from ReadyMade magazine on traveling and packing. I probably would have followed their advice if I had the money. It all looks so cute together right?


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