What do you eat??


(sorry for all of the bad pictures…we only took our little guy camera)

Halfway in to our trip I thought “hmm wouldn’t it have been cool if we had taken pictures of everything we ate from the beginning of our trip to the bitter end?”

Yeah it would have been cool…but this one measly picture is all you get. 

We should have taken a picture of:
  • The Five Guys hamburger and fries 
  • The Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte
  • Dinner on the plane which I sort of forget. It was some sort of chicken and potatoes dish. There may have been vegetables. I do remember a really nice custard, crackers and cheese, and Lindt chocolate.  Choice of beverages including wine…I chose Ginger Ale.
  • The Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
  • We did take a picture of the breakfast above (fresh fruit, omelet, baked beans, chicken sausage, cream cheese & bagel, yoghurt, orange juice, and coffee)
  • A Dinner/Lunch in the Doha airport of 3 different types of curry, rice, and mango juice. It was quite delicious. 
  • Latte, Vanilla Frappe, and Mango smoothy at a coffee shop in the airport
  • A midnight snack of chicken salad on white bread and mango juice
  • Snacks that we brought: A granola mixture of nuts, yoghurt covered raisins, and of course granola. Squished fruit (the all time favorite snack for the boys). Luna Bars.
  • Breakfast of awesome muffins from the coffee shop in the airport.
  • Lunch/Dinner on the plane: Honestly I sort of forget. But it was delicious. I remember that. 
  • Breakfast on the plane: Oatmeal and fruit. Orange juice. Yoghurt. Croissant and jam. Omelet with a nice tomato sauce and hashbrowns. 
  • Breakfast in the hotel of bubur (rice porridge), omelets, fresh fruit and coffee.
  • Lunch in the hotel of gado-gado, rice, sate, kangkung and shrimp, and mango & papaya juice 
  • Dinner in the hotel of leftovers with avocado coffee (YUM!!), cappuccino, and fried bananas
  • Breakfast in the hotel…much the same as above.
  • Late lunch: noodles bought by the side of the road on our way home from the airport

So there you have it. If you want to have more of it, this is a fun website about airline meals with a large section on Qatar Airways. 

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