Long Trip | Quiet Time BOOK


About 2 years ago I made this quiet time cloth book to keep the big boy entertained when we travelled or sat in church. I embroidered the pages and picked out the fabrics and then took the whole shebang to a local seamstress, and she did all of the finish work…sewing the cover and the pages. It turned out even better then I expected. There are 10 little-man-in-Indonesia themed pages:

Page ONE: Globe…with a hidden pocket on top. I still haven’t finished deciding if I want to make a tree to come out the top or two little kids holding hands??? Hmm


Page TWO: An airplane that comes of the page and flies around…so he can practice his buttons. I forgot to show the cute batik fabric backing.


Page THREE: Velcro birds and a sun…from his favorite song at the time “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley


Page FOUR + FIVE: A foldout road to drive toy cars on + a stoplight to practice colors


Page SIX + SEVEN: mailbox + a pocket for holding paper and pens for writing letters to put in the mailbox


Page EIGHT: A local style barn to hold three finger puppets (goat, cow, chicken)


Page NINE: A garden that grows carrots, a starchy potato like root called umayu, and an onion
Page TEN + ELEVEN: A zippered pocket (to practice zippers) that holds the clothes

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