I feel like I’m losing track of all of the funny things my 4 year old says. So to slow the fading away of memory I’ll write them here:

Me: In Pine Bluff, Arkansas 

Him: What Pine Love? Like when one pineapple loves another?


Him (out of the blue): Thank you so much for bringing all of those wonderful toys to the restaurant.

Me: Oh your welcome sweetheart

Him: I’m just “jelly-ing” you up  (I guess he was out of butter)


Him (at least once a day):  How you doin’ today?

Me:  good

Him:  why not great? 

Me: umm?!?


After a huge lightning strike/simultaneous thunder crack… Him:

“Must have been like when Goliath fell down.” 


We’ve been traveling a lot and using squat toilets or sit toilets that need manually flushed so when we go to our current house, he excitedly said…

“that toilet can flush all by itself’

Looking in the mirror: “I look extraordinarily handsome.

Me and mommy were brushing our teeth and it was like there was a guard checking to see if there were any bad guys in the building. And there was, it was a cavity. But the guard took care of it by brushing. 

I promise I didn’t feed him any of that…he came up with it all on his own. I’m sure there will be more to come… 

_____________________________ UPDATE September 16


Tales from the sick bed. I’ve been fighting what seems like dengue fever for the last few days and G has said some funny/sweet things in response.


Him: Mommy are you feeling better this morning?

Me: Yes a little.
Him: I know why
Me: Why?
Him: Because I prayed for you last night


He told me that he was the doctor and that he would check me over, so I laid down and he took a long straw and “checked” my eyes, heart, knees, etc. After uploading the “results” to his phone he decided that my problem was in my throat. So he sat down and worked very hard on writing me two detailed passports which he said explained that “you have to take ship to England and stay there until you get better.”


I asked him to get me my cup of water that I had left either on top of the water cooler or on the table…five minutes later he came back and said that he couldn’t find my cup (which I had expected…he’s horrible at finding things)…but that he had gotten a new bottle that was his favorite color, and filled it with water. I could have cried. 





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