Tambah Godek…


pics from a trip to a local cafe…even eating at a restaurant contains culture (notice no knives, only spoons and forks…)

You got fat!

Wow you really got fat!! What did you do while you were in America, only eat cheese??


And that was what I prepared myself for the most when we came back to here…the frank discussion of weight. At first my American self was quite upset about it all…and wanted to retort that the person got darker (ooh an insult), or older or whatever. But then my local self took over and I really was able to just laugh it off. And you know what I don’t even really care anymore. I actually am somewhat refreshed by the frankness. Interesting huh. 


I still don’t tell my friends that they are getting fat, but I will laugh along if they make a joke about themselves. And maybe I’ll ask if they’ve been eating too much bread and cheese. 

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