Mosquitos (for reals)


So yeah it’s been a long while since I gave this blog any love. My life has sort of been tumbled around and turned upside down. We made that long drive and move that I talked about, then we stayed in some friend’s house for about 3 weeks while we waited for our house to open up, then we moved again. It was the biggest move I’ve ever done (of the 14 big moves I’ve done since we’ve been married)…probably because this is the biggest house we’ve ever lived in (I’ll eventually take some pictures and show you around…two words to tide you over…AC and bathtubs…yep it’s got both).
But we’re mostly feeling normal around here now so I’m cleaning out my photo archives, and showing you what we’ve been up to. The 3 week house didn’t have AC or bathtubs but it did have mosquitos, scads and scads of them. Here is G after spending a few minutes out playing in the yard. Our friends rubbed some tea tree oil on him though, and he was right as rain. I worried often about Dengue Fever, but then we discovered the electronic bug swatter, and we were able to not worry so much. In fact when things are getting a little stressful, Michael pulls out the bug zapper and has fun frying some mosquitos. It’s good fun.
Okay that’s all from me for now. So long from the land of heat and mosquitos and bathtubs and electronic bug zappers.


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