young coconuts


There are many things I love about a coconut tree…but probably the main one is its fruit. When a coconut is still young it is filled with delicious water and soft chewy meat. It is so good for you. People here say that if you eat food that has gone bad, fish that is too old, or something that is a little poison you can drink a young coconut to counteract the affects. It’s also nature’s Gatorade and is a great rehydration drink.. The tender young meat is also often given to babies and I’ve heard that it has some of the same properties as breast milk.

Cool right. Mostly it just tastes good. Though I have to admit I usually doctor it with some palm sugar.

Oh and coconuts so do not look like the brown things with three holes that all the cartoons show them as. That’s an old dried up, dehusked thing that is only a fraction as delicious.

ps…pictures from our most recent trip coming soon.

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