trip to the mountains {part one}

Disclaimer: I’m sorry this isn’t THE most recent trip to the mountains…I’m still processing those pictures…but this is a very similar trip with much the same scenery to tide you over. 


About two weeks ago Michael took a trip into the mountains with some close friends. He left early in the morning ready and excited to go. 

About five hours into the trip he called and said that they would have already been there by now if the timing belt in the car hadn’t ripped apart. Fortunately one of his companions was able to change it out on the side of the road, but when the belt went it also took out some casualties in the engine…so they were going to leave the car at a mechanic’s (hoping it would be done by the time they got back) and take a blue “taxi.” Two-ish hours later he called and said, “yeah still not there yet.” The blue “taxi” had broken down and was getting fixed. One of the complications to the trip is that most of the people along the road are observing the month of fasting so there was no food to be bought. The guys had packed some steamed rice, tempe, and granola bars…but ate it inside the car so as not to offend anyone. 

Finally late in the afternoon Michael called and said that they were going to arrange motorcycle taxis to take them up the mountain, and that he would call me in two days when they got back down again because they didn’t have service up in the mountains. 


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