The Wedding Weekend + More


This past weekend I really loved getting to spend time with my close close friends and celebrating the marriage of one of them. I also got to do some shopping, and enjoy the bigger stores like Ace Hardware (its a pretty big deal here…but that’s another post) and the Body Shop. 

The morning of the wedding I was pretty busy…running around with some other friends etc…on my way to the salon J threw up all over the car. In the picture above we’ve cleaned him up, but are out of clothes to put him in. 

I got made up and looked a little like Cruella Deville. No they didn’t really do much more to my hair then what you see in the picture, but you can sure bet I calmed it down as soon as I got out of there. Unfortunately I don’t yet have a picture of my awesome blue eyeliner, pink lips, dramatic pink blush, and fake eyelashes. Everyone kept on telling me how be-au-ti-ful I looked. Yep chalk that one up to cultural diffference. 


The wedding and reception were really quite lovely. But for me the story really became all about little J man. Half way through the wedding ceremony he began throwing up. After throwing up several times and having bad diarrhea several times, someone was able to take us to our hotel to get a change of clothes, to a pharmacy for pedialyte and ibuprofen, and then to a doctor (because he was still throwing up). The doctor prescribed an anti-throw up pill, and we were on our way to the reception. J fell right asleep, and slept the entire 2ish hours that I was there. I did my rounds, took my pictures, and then got us home to the hotel. At the hotel he threw up several more times with more boughts of diarrhea.

Finally at five the next morning we went to the airport to fly home. J did pretty well up until the last few minutes of our last flight. We took him home, and put him to bed. Not much later he woke up very hot with a fever of almost 104.
We took him right to the doctor who told us to take him to the hospital because she didn’t like the look of his eyes (starting to look dehydrated). At the hospital they put him on a IV and checked us in.
We payed for a VIP room so the entire process of medicine, doctors, nurses, and 2 nights came out to about USD 400. Pennies compared to what Americans are used to paying at the hospital…a fortune compared to what Indonesians are used to. It’s nice that our boy was able to be in a huge, clean, air conditioned room, with a 1 nurse to patient ratio. We got a gift basket from the hospital. We also got three meals and two nice snacks. The meals were rice porridge, and various toppings (fish, hardboiled egg, veggies and broth, etc) because the baby needed rice. 
Notice the fridge (it’s inside the cupboard doors) and the water dispenser…perfect for making coffee.
A bathroom with hot water and a separate room for the person who watches him. 

After monitoring for 2 nights and 3 long days they still couldn’t say for sure what was wrong. His platelet count was dropping a little bit so they wanted us to stay to rule out dengue fever…but we decided that it would be better for all of us to be at home, and have the local lab come to our house monitor his platelets for us. 

We still don’t know the end of the story…he’s still definitely sick…but not so sick as to stay in the hospital. We are still monitoring him. Will you lift us up?




One thought on “The Wedding Weekend + More

  1. I’m so sorry your littel guy is still sick! That is very worrisome. I will be lifting him and your family up! I love the wedding photos! You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers.Heather Wiens

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