family trip to the mountains

Here are the long awaited pictures from our family trip to the mountains. 


Day 1: Wake up at 5am to leave at 7:30. Finally leave at 9:00. Drive for 5ish hours, eating our fried chicken and rice in the car in front of a beautiful ocean scene. Finally arrive at the oceanside town and arrange 5 motorbike taxis to take us all up the mountain. Nervously strap J to myself and get on the taxi. After about 30 minutes of hard riding (on the side of mountains with huge drop offs, up steep rutted roads, and down dramatic hills) I decided that it was actually better then any rollercoaster, but I needed a rest. We climbed off, chatted with some new friends, and then climbed on again. Finally after about an hour total we arrived and stood ackwardly around trying to make conversation with people who didn’t speak much of the national language. After a bit I strapped J on and we hiked to our new temporary home. We made some dinner on the open fire, swept out the cobwebs, chased away the rats, pulled out mildewy mattresses and sheets and made up beds, and then took baths right before the sun set. Everything got very dark, very quickly at 7, and I found myself hardly able to stay awake. I crawled into bed with the boys, and slept mostly soundly.
Day 2: Wake up at 4 am to the sound of roosters and J crowing along. Help boil water over the fire for coffee and rice. Pull out the granola and make up some milk. Enjoy breakfast. Wait around for church to start. Hike back to the church and sit around trying to make converstation. Sit down with all of the ladies on the bamboo floor, try to keep the boys busy, watch J play with the other boys. Try to stand up much later and find that my legs are totally dead. Enjoy talking with the few ladies that can speak Indonesian. Head back “home” for some lunch of rice and mackerel and then lay down for a rest.


I’ll finish the rest in part two.

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