Family Trip {part 2}

Looks like this will be another 3 parter because I have so many pictures. I hope you all enjoy…


Day 2 {continued}: after waking up from our naps we enjoyed a refreshing swim/bath in the river. The beauty of the river is really something to write home about. Then we repeated much the same process as the day before…guests…dinner…sleep. In the night we woke up to the rain and I though “good no leaks in the roof.” But I forgot to think “I hope this won’t make the path too muddy for tomorrow.” It did. 
Day 3: Wake up, realize that the rain is making everything on the path too wet for the motorbikes…clean the house…kill time…eat lunch…finally everything is dry. Hop back on the motorcycle taxis and ride down the hill. Get in our car, and arrive in the next village around 5 pm. Realize that no more taxis are available to go up the hill to our friend’s house. Try to scrounge for snacks to make up for not eating dinner. Become the entertainment for the entire village, until one of the few houses with a television switches it on. Sleep on the floor of the village leader’s house. 
Day 4: Wake up very stiff. Get ready early to head up the hill…everyone in the village is fasting so try to find more snacks to hide and eat for breakfast…finally get enough motorcycle taxis to head up the hill. Realize that this ride is nothing like the first…its way more intense. Walk a lot of the way. Finally make it to our friend’s house. Rest. Drink coffee. Eat. Hang out. Help with chores. Then evening comes, the generator is turned on, and everyone far and wide floods in to watch television. We become the main event for a bit. Realize that I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. Take J in to go to bed at about 7. It’s bright and loud and noisy and we are sleeping on the cement floor again…but we both fall asleep right away. 


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