Family Trip {part 3}

Day 5: Wake up very cold and very stiff. But everything becomes all right after the cinnamon coffee makes it’s appearance. After eating some breakfast of fish and rice we decide to head home. The path is under coffee trees and it hasn’t dried out yet, so we decide to hike down instead of taking the same crazy motorbike ride. It was a steep 2 hours of hiking. But the brisk bath in the river made it ALL worth it. After bathing and changing we got in the car for a six hour drive back home. We were making great time until our friends remembered that they had left their wallet back at the top. We drove back and waited at the bottom for the motorcycle taxi to bring the wallet. We then got back on the road and drove and drove until we finally made it home. We were all so stiff after hiking and then sitting in the car, but were so glad to be at home, taking showers and sleeping in soft beds. 

Overall it was a great trip, just tiring. 


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