Accidents always happen when Daddy is away. Right? 
Michael has been gone for several days…on Saturday I took the boys out on the motorbike for a date at a local coffee shop. When we were almost home G got his foot caught in between the wheel and the wheel well. He was pretty far back on the bike, and couldn?t quite reach the foot pegs, so he put his foot on the wheel. He started screaming, and I got the bike stopped. Several people had seen the whole thing, and came quickly to pull his foot and mangled Croc out. God brought our friend and her car by at that moment to take us to the doctor. He also provided another friend of ours, who just happened to go by, to take care of my bike.

Black from the rubber Croc. From now on if the boys get on the bike again it will be with tennis shoes.


The hospital cleaned him up, gave him some antibiotics and pain meds, and said it didn?t look too bad. As soon as the nurses were done, G stopped crying, started joking, and has said his foot isn?t too painful. It?s amazing what a good spirit he has had through it all.

Thank you God for watching out for us


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