It’s a hot morning. No rain. G is back at school for the first time since his foot incident. He still has a huge sore, but it’s bandaged up good, and he has strict instructions to be careful with it…we’ll see if our super active 5 year old can remember. J is in bed. The 5 loads of laundry are done. I’m sitting here with some strong New Guinea coffee working on getting caught up on email. Want to know what I’m listening to? 

I’m a picky music person and like alternative, ecclectic, Sujan Stevens sorta stuff. But guess what I REALLY, REALLY like this. The music is pretty good. But what I really dig…ALL of us (even J) are going around singing verses from the 5 CD’s that a generous friend gave us. We sang this particular song a lot at the different doctor/hospital visits that we’ve had to take G to. 

It’s great.

One thought on “Monday

  1. Wow, great song. Never heard of them before but I’m assuming they put Scripture to all their music. That’s great! Thanks for sharing that.Bill G from York, PA

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