G goes to a fun one. He looks forward to it every morning, and has made some close friends. I like that he gets an outlet for his social-bee-ness He’s learning how to read and write; I wasn’t expecting him to begin learning to read and write Indonesian before English though. 


I’ve come to love the different colored uniforms. A yellow one for Monday and Wednesday, a green one for Tuesday and Thursday, and a grey and red one for Fridays. It’s a wonderfully tangible way for G to learn the days of the week, and keep track of the passing of time.

It’s also given us a chance to have some interesting conversations. The other day I had to talk with him about not kissing anyone besides our family…yeah his close friends ARE all girls. Smile. 

We’ve also had conversations about prayer and how to hold your hands. At school the children are told to hold their hands according to each child’s religion while they all say the memorized prayer. The Christians fold their hands, Hindus put their palms together, and so on. It’s a way of respecting each religion. I appreciated the chance to talk to G about the importance of what is in our hearts, not so much what we are doing on the outside. 

When we move in a couple of weeks he will have to say goodbye to his school, and even more imporantly to his friends. I’m dreading it for him. I wonder if this will be the time that it is really hard for him to say goodbye and move on. 

Thanks for folding your hands on our behalf. 



One thought on “Thoughtful

  1. Such a handsome guy! He looks like a model in the green shirt…ps love his hair do as well! Tell him I say "Hi" and I love him!

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