How to know…

we are living with our national friends…

  1. I find myself talking to myself in the national language…and myself talks back in the national language.
  2. We eat rice four times a day. I mean…three times a day.
  3. I’m learning how to cook on a karosene burner.
  4. J says gong-gong for the sound a dog makes.
  5. G has stopped drinking juice for breakfast, and only drinks tea.
  6. I’m beginning to get into the plots of the local soap operas, and find myself comparing them to Shakespeare. I mean doesn’t this just sound like Shakespeare…the poor girl makes money driving a bus, but because she is getting teased by all the young men, she dresses up as a guy. On the way to the salon to buy her guy wig, she gets almost hit by a boy that she saw in her dreams. The rich boys’ car breaks down. When the poor girl comes out of the salon and gets back into her bus, the rich boy flags her down (shes now disguised as a guy) and asks her to take him and his rich mother to the train station. At the train station station they meet with the rich girl who he is betrothed to. Somewhere along the line the rich girl who the rich boy is betrothed to falls in love with the female bus driver dressed up as a man. So she breaks off her betrothment. The rich boy doesn’t know what to do. The rich girls gets her heart broke. But the rich boy and poor girl get to be together at last. 
  7. The boys get to play with dogs and chickens and goats and ducks. Don’t ask which ones are eaten.

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