small favorites

Here are a few of my favorite little things; things that always make me feel a little bit happier even though someone else would probably not understand. Here are my favorite small little enjoyments (in no particular order):

  1. Wooden clothespins. The Sullivan family sent mine to us 2 years ago and I am still in love. Doing laundry is so much more fun. 
  2. Zooming around potholes on the motorbike. For a minute there I thought I should have become a motorcross driver.
  3. My handwoven wooden broom in a sea of plastic ones. 
  4. Swallow song track. I always wondered where the bird sounds were coming from when I stopped at the traffic light…turns out they are a music track played over a loudspeaker on repeat to attract swallows to the swallow barns…so the owners can harvest their nests.
  5. J’s big huge slobbery kisses when he really should be sleeping. I am always a little upset that I’m missing out on sleep, but then I can’t help but enjoy him smoothering me in kisses to make me laugh. 
  6. Strong, sweet coffee in the afternoons when I’m tired but can’t nap because J isn’t too interested in it…see above. 
  7. Finding some split pea ice cream. It’s creamy and more delcious than it sounds. 
  8. Embroidery stands that can embroider anything on anything for only a few dollars in only a few minutes. Why don’t I do it more often?
  9. Fried Tempeh. Is it still a health food if it’s fried? It tastes really good.
  10. Packages from Home. What a wonderful way to brighten my day. Thanks you guys.

Well I guess 10’ll do me for now…what little things made your day today?


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