World Upside Down


When you world is turned upside down–salty becomes sweet, and sweet becomes salty–sometimes its hard to find your identity again.

When we arrived here we were served corn with cheese, sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate. I thought it was possibly one of the most disgusting things I had ever tried. 
Things that are salty to me, but sweet to my friends here:
Avocados are mixed with chocolate and served in a delicious shake. Guacamole…sorta really gross to my friends. 
Corn. See above. But it can actually go both ways and is also served in soup…though it is mostly still considered sweet.
Cheese. Sorry those delicious looking Cheetos type things will be very sweet. And grated Velveeta sorta cheese will be on top of your brownies and coconut pie. 
Split Peas. They are made into ice cream or served as a breakfast food with coconut milk and brown sugar. Delicious. 
Things that are sweet to me, but salty to my friends here:
Bananas. I just realized this one. I knew that fried bananas were considered salty and eaten with hot sauce…but I didn’t realize that banana splits really grossed out my friends. 
Rice Porridge. I don’t think anyone can get over the flavor of my sweet rice pudding because no one wants to even try it. 
But beyond food, heart issues are different (I know duh, but it’s subtle). Awhile ago our friend called and wanted to chat. He mentioned that he was at a conference and all of his friends had been put into one room, but he was alone in his room. Michael right away said, “how nice, you get a room to yourself.” Our friend laughed and said, “that’s the difference between you Westerners and us…you want space…but we feel lonely if we are by ourselves.” Independence is no longer valued, people who are too self-sufficient are considered prideful. And interdependence is valued. “I’ll bring you vegetables and then you bring me some fish if you have extra, or vice a versa.”
So how do I still be me, when I’m not really ME anymore? I’m not even sure what my favorite ice cream flavor is anymore…I used to always say plain vanilla…but now I REALLY like split pea…so how do I know about more key parts of myself? I’m now an Asian version of myself. I find different things funny, I eat different things, I have different mannerisms. And this isn’t a bad thing. It’s just the way it is. 
In reality each of us is in the process of becoming a different person. We are becoming more like Him. So it’s not wrong to be changing. In the small things He gives me the strength to become…AND I realized in the big things I have the same power.


One thought on “World Upside Down

  1. Those are the things that make it harder to ever fit in here again- but who wants to fit in here? This is not our home, just where we live for now and you are definitely living in the culture you’re in.

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