Continued Learning

How do you keep your brain fresh? I’ve heard that continued learning courses are a popular way. I found several I’ve wanted to do: PaintingArt JournalPhotography, Doula or Midwife courses with a focus on developing world, and Montessori homeschooling. I probably add a new one to my list every month or so. 




Recently, though, I realized that I’m constantly adapting and learning. My continued learning courses are varied, and brain stretching. They include:

  1. How to pull weeds much more efficiently…using a flat putty knife type thingamajig…see above
  2. How to wrap a sarong and keep it from unwrapping while doing active things like pulling weeds.
  3. How to carry my two year old around on my back, with a sarong.
  4. How to gut a fish without pulling out its eyeballs on accident, and ripping its flesh all up.
  5. How to cut vegetables without a cutting board (did you know that the way we cut our vegetables is a culture thing? Here my friends shake their heads when they see me cutting veggies towards myself with my thumb out to stop the blade. They cut away from themselves with their pointer finger to stop the blade)
  6. How to open noodle wrappers with a knife. I’m usually reduced to using my teeth.
  7. How to cook with only a few ingredients, quickly, and make it seem like there is some variety.
  8. How to plant corn. How to plant lemongrass. How to plant green onions. How to plant beans. How to plant basil. And so on. All without opening a packet of seeds and following the directions.
  9. How to make a compost pile.
  10. How to communicate in my third language. Hey I may only be able to communicate “come eat”, but it’s a start.
  11. What dogs can eat and like to eat. Its harder then just buying dog food….turns out they really like shrimp flavored bouillon mixed with their rice. Oh and raw eggs.
  12. What chickens like to eat and can eat. Easier than dogs, they’ll eat most anything.
  13. How to wash clothes by hand. I’m starting to get the right dipping, and wringing, and scrubbing technique down.
  14. How to make rice. First buy the right kind of rice…there are so many…at least 5 at the market…more in bigger towns. Second winnow it in the special basket…that sure takes a practiced hand. Third pick out the stones. Fourth rinse it and rinse it and rinse it. Fifth put the right amount of water in (the water should be over the first knuckle just a little bit). Sixth cook it.
  15. How to make a fire and cook rice over it (first the fire has to be hot to boil the water, and then it needs to be made low to steam the rice, so it doesn’t burn).
  16. How to make local coffee. Put one almost full tablespoon of coffee and one and a quarter tablespoons of sugar in a mug, pour boiling water over it, give it a good stir, and let it sit until the grounds have settled. Drink up.
  17. How to grind my shallots and garlic to a paste in a mortar and pestle.
  18. And so many many many more that my brain feels stretched out sometimes.

One thought on “Continued Learning

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