We unexpectedly spent a few days in the capital city to arrange our son’s passport. We stepped from village life into a bustling, modern, expensive city. We often felt out of touch, out of step, underdressed, and a little “anachronistic.” Here are a few other things we noticed that were like us, a bit out of context:


the bajaj (3 wheeled motorcycle taxi) next to the jaguar.

the food cart selling .50 noodle soup outside the door of the 5 star luxury restaurant.

the street kids playing on a pile of cardboard, while the kids of diplomats and businessman climb a brightly colored play structure next door.


the cheap clothes markets down the road from the burberry and gucci and diane von furstenberg filled malls.

the rough tenement houses around the corner from the multi-million dollar mansions that made it into the pages of international design magazines.

the bamboo scaffolding on a glass and steel high rise.

eating fried rice for breakfast, and then eating a $10 plate of risotto and duck


our boys squatting like they are in the village, to get a better look at the expensive toys in an upperclass toy store.

me carrying j while most of the families around us have a nanny for each kid. we ate at one restaurant where one nanny fed the kid, while the other one gave him a drink.

It was a fun trip even if we felt a bit bewildered. I know, though, that we will enjoy getting back home. 

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