Off the Grid


For the last month, give or take a bit, we’ve been living off of the grid.

 So, that’s why this blog has gotten a tad quiet.

Michael does pick up email every week or so when he goes down to the coast to the bigger market, but otherwise we’ve pulled the plug.

And we occasionally run a small generator that powers two lightbulbs and charges our electronics (so we can still watch movies on our laptop)…we are looking forward to when we can get some batteries and a solar panel or two to do the job instead…and then bring on the freezer and wash machine.

I’m still sorting through my feelings about un-pinning myself from pinterest (and the rest of the internet) and going without a refrigerator, wash machine, or blender. 

I guess I still mostly enjoy it. I actually like the “go to bed not long after dark” life. I also like the time I have for other things, when I’m not allowing myself to be consumed by the internet. I find ways to do things that I never would have thought I could manage. I have been given courage and creativity that are beyond my natural self. 

We do get tired of eating canned chicken spam, tuna, and corned beef. Though quiche is good with spam; and corned beef isn’t too bad in spaghetti, and awesome with fried potatoes. And when I get tired of cooking from scratch I remember something I read:

For me [cooking from scratch] means starting with opening a bag of flour. My neighbors have to plant, grow, harvest, and then cook everything from scratch.

Washing laundry by hand sounds super daunting, and it was, AT FIRST. But with advice from my experienced friends, we began scrubbing and wringing with the best of them. The clothes actually get cleaner with their individual attention. But the really, really, really nice part…Michael does almost all of the laundry for me. I know he’s ah-maa-zzing.


I guess as with everything, it looks so much harder and much more impossible at first. But, as I walk through the process and give my first world mind time to wrap around third world living, I realize that my fears and imaginations are much worse than the reality. And most important, I don’t have to do the impossible, because I know Someone who can.


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