The other day I found the littlest one sitting with his lower lip quivering, wearing a forlorn expression, playing with his feet. I asked him what was wrong, my heart breaking a little bit. He said he really wanted to show Daddy “the ‘pecial pictures” in the new book, but he didn’t know where Daddy was. I told him that Daddy would be gone for a few days, and when he got back we’d show him the special pictures. 

Michael is gone for a week at a conference. We didn’t expect him to go (our friend was going to go, but at the last minute had a family tragedy). So, we are a little bit unprepared…sitting around looking at our feet, pouting. 

Usually while Michael is gone I enjoy un-inhibited shopping, finishing all of my crazy projects, the boys and I eat/watch (eating dinner in front of the TV) almost every meal, and going to bed at 7:30pm. This time around only a few projects are getting done, without transportation I’m limited to online shopping, and eat/watch just isn’t the same when we aren’t at home. 

We will be so happy when Daddy gets back.

PS. The quote above is classic J-man. He’s always saying “don’t bug me” or “where’s my ‘pecial [sandwich or legos or whatever]?”

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