the Christmas way of things


Christmas season started right after our {faux} Thanksgiving. YES!!

We tried to make it feel Christmasy in our corner of the remote tropics…so we baked cookies and did advent readings and sort of did advent activities and watched Christmas movies. We only have one Christmas Album, Sufjan Steven’s, even though each year I mean to buy more but never get around to it. Oh well. So we played it almost nonstop.

Christmas Eve came quicker than we expected. So we pulled out the stash of nicer than usual crackers and cheese and pepperoni and chocolate and cashews and fruit. Then we let the boys open a present each, and then our co-workers came over and exchanged gifts.


Christmas was busy…we opened presents before 6am, but there were still kids peeking through the gaps in the walls of the house. Then a nice breakfast of bread casserole and fruit salad (with grapes!). Then it was time to go to the church services.


After church we went to our friends’ house and ate lunch with LOTS and LOTS of other people (maybe almost a hundred?), it was delicious. Then we went home and chilled.


“Boxing day” saw us waking up early to hike up into the mountains. We had a nice service, meal with another huge group of people, and then joined in with the crowds to watch a soccer game and then TV. We then tried to get some sleep on mats laid on a wooden floor with lots of other people. It was fun, and a great way to help binds our hearts together with all of our new friends.

The next morning we hiked home. Mike went to another location on the 30th, but the kids and I just chilled. And now it’s halfway through January 🙂

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