raising little celebrities

Awhile ago I was watching one of those “Entertainment Tonight” type shows, and they showed video of a celebrities’ baby IN THE HOSPITAL in her little warming bed. Now I thought that was C-R-A-Z-Y. 

I’m used to the “privacy” of the stars in the US….I’m not used to so much ACCESS into their lives. I think I usually hear of celebrities trying to help their kids stay “grounded” and unaffected by the publicity, fame, and money; so they protect them from being overly photographed or interviewed or whatever.

So why am I talking about this, or even CARING? 
Because, in many ways, MY kids are treated like celebrities here. They’ve had large groups pushing and shoving to take pictures with them, they’ve had people sneaking pictures with their cell phone, they have people reaching out to grab them all the time, they’ve had people RUN from across the store to talk with them, the kids have people inviting them to parties all the time and making THEM the guests of honor, they have people give them freebies, and on and on. All because my kids are white foreigners. And I guess having pictures of foreigners gives you something to brag about on Facebook.

SO, the question is how do we raise grounded and unaffected kids, and most of all how do we raise them without a sense of entitlement? I’ve gotten used to being treated a little better than the average person, I’ve gotten used to the freebies, and the differential treatment. I’ve often thought that I deserve it…so how can I help my kids act the opposite way? How can I teach them to serve, not be served? How can I teach them to not let the attention go to their heads, and help them to stay humble? 
I suppose its not really a unique problem, every parent has to work with their kids to teach them to not be selfish. It’s good for me to realize that they are just kids and help them establish, and enforce their boundaries. But at the same time push them to interact with their “fans”, and be interested in others.

Simple, and yet hard. How do you guys do it?

*pictures from a trip to a water park where we created a mini sensation, and had several “groupies” trailing us around to get pictures with us. They were nice, and polite and mostly wanted to practice their English AND get good pictures for Facebook. You can see these and others on my instagram page which I update, like everything else, WHEN WE GET TO TOWN 🙂



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