Sleep Cycle

I once read an article on a photographer that would dress beautiful models in evening gowns, and then photograph the models as they went to sleepand became progressively discheveled. Most of the commenters on the article felt that it was some level of exploitation or intrusive or wrong to be watching/photographing such a private and vulnerable moment.

I think most of us, in our culture, are individualistic. My space is my space. And my sleep is private.

I didn’t really think about all of this much until we had a bunch of people around one afternoon, and it was raining. Everyone was yawning, but couldn’t go home because of the rain. So, I tried to channel the culture here, smoothed out a rug, brought out a few pillows, and in a few minutes our living room was wall to wall nappers. And no, I didn’t join in–not much personal space you know.

Our family has had a few sleepovers at people’s houses, but we (except Michael) always really define our space. We are HERE on this mat and no one else is. It’s personal space issues mixed with a need to CONTROL my image. And the picture above? I’m fake sleeping…I don’t think I would have posted it if I was really sleeping, mouth hanging open, drooling…not much control there.

Culture…it is what it is (as our friend Wil would say).

2 thoughts on “Sleep Cycle

  1. Amy, as I read your blogs, I never ceased to be amazed at the grace and humor with which (at least in retrospect) you deal with your situation. I know you grew up an MK but sometimes seem as flabbergasted with your situation as I would be. You are a great communicator and I hope someday you put all this in a book!

  2. We sure love reading and seeing your pictures on here. Thanks so much for all of the effort. I can relate to the numb feeling. 🙂 We are with Neva. She is doing pretty well. Love you!

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