The Language Beast

Language learning is a funny beast.

I was struck by my silliness today when, out of the blue, in my new language I said, “scissors” to the nice old lady sitting on our porch with me. She smiled indulgently, and nodded her head as if to say “yep you can say scissors.”

I WAS sitting there cutting up fabric for our new curtains so it wasn’t 100% uncalled for, but it sure wasn’t as brilliant as,
“the Word of God is a double edged sword, dividing joint and marrow…but these scissors certainly aren’t.”
Or even, “I’m cutting fabric to make some new curtains.”

The day WILL come, of that I have confidence.

But, in the meantime I’m left inner laughing as the same sweet old lady smiles and says a whole string of things that basically sounded like this to me,
“Wa wa wa…mango tree…doesn’t weed…wa wa wa…river is big…can’t cross…wa wa wa…my kids….wa wa wa…wa wa wa…young guy…afraid of the water…wa wa wa…I’ve been naughty and eating salt.”

Yep I figured that WHOLE sentence out…but I was taking her blood pressure at the time so I had context. Her blood pressure was 160/40…it has come down from 180. She’s a skinny (very skinny, the cuff is big on her) little old lady who hikes all over the mountains. Any doctors want to tell me why her blood pressure is like that? Just to throw that out there…in case any medical personnel you know…like reads this blog.

Well back to language learning so I can learn to say sharp. And fabric. And to cut.


2 thoughts on “The Language Beast

  1. I don’t have an idea why her blood pressure is that high, that’s quite ridiculously high, but sometimes if the cuff is too big you can get a falsely high reading. For some little old ladies you have to use a child’s blood pressure cuff. But if you don’t have one of those …. oh well. I’m sure her blood pressure is high, but I’m wondering if the large cuff is making it seem higher than it really is. It’s also odd to me that both numbers aren’t high. Generally if you’re gonna have high blood pressure, then their both high, her bottom number is actually really low. Next time I run into a doctor, I’ll ask for you. 🙂


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