Remembering Food

Every once and awhile I remember a taste, a flavor, a smell…and then oh man I’m ready to buy some plane tickets.

Food. Its easy to be discontent with where we are at…when we are here we remember good pizza, and hamburgers, and treats. If we are there we remember fried noodles, and sate and grilled chicken. We are blessed because we have such wide experiences and flavors to draw from, but we are cursed if we always want to be somewhere else.

So, today I’m wishing for a Hebrew National hot dog, dill pickle, sweet vidalia onion kettle chips (is there such a thing), potato salad, some berry pie and vanilla bean ice cream, and root beer or ginger ale.

Anyone want to go have that (or something like it), and send pictures so we can live vicariously?

*if you want any pictures of grilled fish, fried noodles, chili sauce shrimp, and fresh juice like the photo above, we can comply 🙂

One thought on “Remembering Food

  1. Your photo meal and your dream meal both look/sound good! I will send pics of me eating those things for you, tho not sure about the chips….Mom is the kettle chip expert will ask her if they make that flavor (;

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