A house comes into being

This is the process of how a wooden house is built in a remote jungle location, high up in the mountains.

The process was an amazing one. First the trees were found. The largest one, the one that most of our boards came from, was found to be rotten all through the middle. Because of that it had to be felled, so it made me feel a lot better about cutting down beautiful trees. Then the trees were felled by barefoot, chainsaw wielding men, who could drop the trees exactly where they planned. Then they slabbed them by hand, without guides. That takes an artistic, strong, sure hand.

Then, the planks and beams were dragged with chains through crazy dense jungle, and down mountain slopes. Or floated down the river. I wish I had some video of THAT, but it was hard to even get to the site to video. The one time Michael went to see it, he forgot to bring the camera.

Then the planks and beams were shaped with a hand planer, and formed into our house by a talented team. The nails, roofing tin, plumbing, wiring, fixtures, and other such things were all brought up from the coast on the back of a motorbike. Or carried up by our tough, strong friends.

We are still finishing up the electrical work (I haven’t got a chance to video the wiring that Michael has already done), and some of the furniture, and most of the kitchen. We’ll show more inside shots as things get finished up. In the meantime our little (6×8 meter) house has become a cozy home for our family.

4 thoughts on “A house comes into being

  1. Thank you so much for the house to home building video. I so enjoyed seeing it and all the people involved in helping.
    Blessing’s to you all!!
    Love, Deneen

  2. Thanks, guys, for your ordinariness doing extraordinary things! It was also nice to get a glimpse of your Dad, Amy. Be Strong!

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