I thought maybe the builders out there would like a peek at the tools that were used to build our house (at least the walls, roof, and floor…cement, electric, and water took like maybe eight tools more).

Plus an electric hand saw (but its currently being used to build another house) was used on half the job. Plus a generator to run the planer (top red thing) and saw.

The chisel, planer (since the wood was all hand slabbed with a chain saw), and hammer got the most use. Some day I’ll get around to showing you the hand carved joints, and support beams.

So what do your think? Crazy right?
And it only took a little over a month.

One thought on “Tools

  1. Watching your house being built was AMAZING!!! I was in awe. That beautiful redish-colored wood is gorgeous too!! Just SO cool. I’m so happy you guys have a little home in the jungle! How nice is that! 🙂 I would love to visit, but I think I’d be perfectly useless and of NO help in ANY way. I can’t imagine how I’d ever help you guys out?!?! I love watching your story. LOVE IT!

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