The big boy

He’s a handsome one, our biggest boy. A little photocopy of his father.

Like most six year olds, he wants to be a fighter. It doesn’t matter how often I tell him exciting stories of linguists (its like they are breaking a code), or rescue divers (you love to swim), or whatever safe/exciting occupation I can dream up. It doesn’t matter how my heart quails at the thought.

What matters to him are the exciting movies, and the 20 guys who hiked through here (see photo at the top), and the aura of coolness.

His slightly older friends want to be cooks, ninjas, pilots, farmers, Jedi’s, and mechanics. And, at his age I wanted to be a ballerina, and a horse trainer. So, I guess, chances are good he’ll change his mind. 80 times.

I don’t know what you will be my son. But, it’s fun to watch what you are right now…cracker jack smart, imaginative, a little too fearless, caring, tall (I guess that’s not a character trait) creative.

Even if your determined persistence drives us nuts sometimes…

One thought on “The big boy

  1. My oldest wants to be a soldier. I cringe at the thought. He’s now senior and still heading in that direction. He wants to be more on the medical side of it so that is a comfort…slightly. Your son is adorable…and yes, he has years to change his mind…or not!!!! 🙂

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