How the day plays out

For all the days when you are out of ideas of what to cook for breakfast (ends up being crackers and Nutella). You have a huge pile of clothes festering in the bathroom. You have a little tame chicken that needs chased out of the house every few minutes. For the days your back yard looks like a jungle (literally). For all the days when you find a huge ant nest in the game drawer. For the days when you get last minute word that there’s an important event a couple of mountains over, so your husband and friends decide to go, leaving you aloneish (no phone service, no immediate neighbors) with two ACTIVE boys, overnight. For the days you wake in the night to the sounds of a rat gnawing on your pretty wood bed.

For those days, there are orchids growing outside your door. Your house help shows up, on their day off, and tackles the laundry. Your big boy helps with cooking, and offers to do anything else. Your little boy chases the chicken out. You pick and eat the FIRST green beans from the garden. Your husband does come back. Your Bible is there, waiting to give life and soul nourishment. And, you set out poison for the rat which, though strangely satisfying, maybe hasn’t worked.

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