We are in the midst of wedding preparations around here. My daughter is thinking she’ll go with a traditional dress, but in white. I think she’s right, she’ll look stunning.

What? You didn’t know I had a daughter? Yeah, I’m new to it too.

“Going over the marriage certificate”

The two girls who help me around the house have called me white mom from the beginning. Not too strange, a lot of people call me mother, its like the polite way of saying missus. But I realized recently that I should stop laughing it all off.

1. The girls joke with the boys saying “how come your mom has two light skinned boys, and two dark girls?

2. Their real mom told them to just ask their white mom for marriage/family planning advice…not ask her.

3. They asked me to stand up with the family during the wedding.

“The young couple”

So I’m attending the other weddings, and trying to figure out how a mom acts here. Fortunately there have been several weddings recently.

The pictures are from a young couple who already have a baby together, so I think things went a bit different for them.

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