I like pink

“What’s you favorite color?” G often asks me. I always answer grey, which he thinks is totally boring. If he had asked “what’s your least favorite color”, I would have easily answered “pink”.
But, now I am becoming more conflicted.
Because, now I sorta, kinda like pink (again, just like when I was three). And, it’s just because everyone is doing it.

There’s the lady who wears the pink flowery sarong with her pink striped skirt with her pink sequined shirt to match her pink flowered headband, all matching her bright pink lipstick.
Or the village leader who wears a pink watch with his light pink shirt while playing with his baby wearing a pink polka dot dress, and sitting next to his wife wearing pink jeans.
Or the punk kid walking to the Friday night party wearing skinny jeans, and a dark pink shirt, with his nails painted PINK. He’s with his girlfriend who’s wearing a jean mini skirt with pink and red embroidered flowers.

I guess gender colors just aren’t really pushed here.

It seems like everyone lists pink, or red, in their list of favorites. Someone said (maybe it was in an anthropological write up that I read) said the traditional tribe members viewed red as a color of wealth, and I guess that old, collective view has carried on in the village subconscious.

So now everyone, including me, LIKES PINK.

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