A picture

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You know what I currently call the hardest thing about living far from family?

It should probably be that the grandparents only see those two handsome mugs grow up through pictures. That IS hard.

It’s way more selfish than that. I really wish for some child care. Michael and I haven’t gone on a date, without the kids, in a LONG, LONG time. Overnight? It’s never happened. For a long weekend? Do people do that?

I guess this just reminds me to try to be more creative. Michael got a whole bonfire and star watching thing ready for 10th anniversary. But it rained.
What do YOU ALL, who live far from family, do?

The pictures are from church. I even sort of miss church childcare.

3 thoughts on “A picture

  1. That dog is so cute! As are the boys of course. I would gladly watch the boys. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, I’m way too far away. Drat. I know that you guys will come up with some creative ideas. You’re the most creative couple I know.

  2. Hopefully when you guys come back to the states you can leave the boys with us for a weekend and go on an adventure! Would love to spend time with these handsome and amazing little guys!!!!

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