Take a step back

*an old picture from a post TWO years ago. A lot has changed, and yet, hasn’t at all.

On a recent motorbike ride up, I looked up into the glory of the mountains. I saw the houses and gardens flung across the steep slopes. I imagined the people working in their nearly vertical gardens, or cooking over a wood fire, or bathing in the rivers.

I took a step back from all of the small details that crowd my everyday life, and took a long look at the big picture. It was so good for me to take that hour, while I sat on the back of the motorbike, and remember our goals. Remember our plans. Remember our reasons for living in the mountains.

With something like 17,000 people in this language group, we have to zoom out sometimes and prioritize. With the everday details of eating, running a house, training boys, and the mundane work-at-it-ness of learning a language word by word filling my head, I have to remember that there are larger goals to work toward.

So I challenge you, look up into your mountains, remember your goals and plans, prioritize.

Because the time slips away so fast, and more often then not I’m left thinking that I could have done so much more. Sometimes I have to triage, everything is demanding and I have to pick the most pressing. But, sometimes the afternoon lays quiet ahead of me, and the question is, will I just play with the ipad or will I remember our goals,
and get on with the work?

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