She asked for…
1. A place to sit and wait for her husband
2. To trade a dress for her necklace
3. A drink of water
4. A bleach bottle
5. My bracelets
6. A needle and thread
7. A coconut for her hair
8. Headache medicine
9. Antacids
10. Antibiotics
11. Soap
12. Rice
13. Some fruit off the tree
14. My spice tins to hold her betelnut
15. Oil
16. My palm frond broom

To which I said…
1. Sure, though it breaks my rule about having people hang around when I’m trying to do school
2. Um, okay. I usually say no, but I do have this dress I never wear. And I THOUGHT I would get two necklaces. My bad.
3. Okay
4. All out
5. No, my husband gave them to me. Said with a smile.
6. No. But here I’ll sew that for you instead.
7. Okay go ahead.
8. All out
9. Ditto
10. Ditto
11. Ditto
12. Sorry, all out
13. Take it.
14. No…um they are still full.
15. No
16. No

I was overwhelmed with the barrage, but it still felt humourous too.
I sometimes think giving everything away would be easier than just always having to THINK. What precident will this set? Will I have hundreds of people showing up upset that I don’t have anything for them? Will this create dependence instead of independence? An unhealthy get everything for free attitude? Or can I legitimately help this person because they honestly need it.
I always waver. And maybe that’s best. Because its rare a situation is always cut and dried, and that one solution fits all.

2 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. Oh, Amy! I can’t help but smile as I remember the exact same experience there — hundreds of times — and the emotional and mental stress of trying to quickly think through each request to decide how I should respond. If only there were cut and dried answers when it comes to setting precedents, creating dependence, etc. I’m glad you could see the humor in it it (I’m afraid I didn’t see that too often!). Praying for you right now, for God’s wisdom each day. And patience! And a sense of humor! Hugs, Cherri

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