“drying cloves on the roof”

Well it looks like we got lost in the time warp vortex that is living in a seasonless place without much internet access. I didn’t realize how much I relied on Pinterest or blogs to keep me abreast of the holidays and season. “Oh everyone is starting to pin to their back to school boards…or Thanksgiving or whatever? Must be time to do this or that…” We haven’t even had a clearly definable wet or dry season this year; its all just been mixed all together. And most people here do short term crops, so there’s not much of a yearly crop cycle to tune into. We just do the same things over again and over again, and then realize its halfway through September. Where did the time go?

And, man I’ve left this blog for a very long time. Sorry. I’ve got a spat of posts, and a video or two to make up for it. Ready?

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