RECIPE: the BEST play dough

I’ve tried many recipes for play dough, but this is my hands down favorite. It lasts outside of refrigeration for a long time, it smells good, and its stays soft and pliable. It’s also not a pain to clean up afterwards like recipes that call for cooking it in a pot. And, if you use grapeseed oil its like SO NATURAL.


Mix together:
2 c boiling water
2 Tbsp grapeseed or baby oil (what we used)
2 c flour
1 c salt
2 Tbsp cream of tartar

Add flour if it’s still sticky. Add essential oils and food coloring (see below) if your kids are old enough to know that even though it smells AWESOME, its not to eat. The colors are brighter if you add them with the water, but I like to do it afterwards, so I don’t have to do the math to figure out how to quarter the recipe.

Add food coloring and essential oils (or spices) to make it SPECIAL.
Here’s a few ideas:
Yellow food coloring with grapefruit + lemon essential oils
Red with mandarin + lime essential oils
Orange with sweet orange oil
Blue with Lavender oil
Green with eucalyptus + tea tree oils

Or for the holidays:
Orange with vanilla and pumpkin pie spice
Red with Peppermint oil

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