As you can see above, we started school back in July. G couldn’t wait to dive into the new books, and I was ready for some structure in our days.

Kindergarten was a bit rough with both of us often getting frustrated at each other, and I’d usually have to make G do school. But, this term (yep, we already finished a term) has gone SO MUCH smoother. I’ve learned a thing or two.
Now G even asks if we can do school on Saturdays. It’s really a ruse just to do history, but he always says he’ll do reading and math too to sweeten the deal. I think its great, but I always say “no”. I need Saturdays too.
So what changed?

First, I got curriculumed up. Last year I had tried to be REALLY organized…I had all kinds of things printed and laminated and ready. But, I only had a little bit of actual curriculum, the rest was out of my head or from the internet. Which I think is great…and I still buy into the fact that you don’t really need to DO SCHOOL (especially in the early years) so much as live a life of learning. But the thing is, it doesn’t work well for G or for me when it comes to the actual doing. Maybe it would if we lived closer to more resources, and could run out to buy the supplies to make a volcano when we study land forms, instead of having to plan it months in advance and then remembering to buy it all when we are in the city. Or maybe it would work better if we could get online and watch videos of volcanoes instead of just making a note to get on youtube when we get to internet. Or if we could go to the library. Or the museum. Anyways, you get the idea. I’ll be doing a curriculum post next.

Second, we organized. We do pretty much the same thing every day now, and in the same place. Last year, we didn’t have a set schedule, so we’d often have lots of trouble when it came time to do Reading. Now G knows that after History is Math, and after Math is Reading. It also helps that we haven’t moved, last time we lived in four different places. And, we have an organized school area. Since we aren’t moving, we can keep a desk and bookshelf all set up.

Third, I chilled. In Kindergarten we did Horizons Math which is really tough for a Kindergartener. So, this year I bought a different curriculum that is much easier, and he can really DO it, I tell him its because he has already worked hard to get to where he’s at. It’s true, but I’m also not pushing him so hard either. And, reading is clicking now, so it’s not such a fight. I also did lots of research a couple of months ago, to check and make sure he’s where he needs to be, and since he’s either at or above his grade level, I just decided to go easy. Unfortunately that means he can zip through school, and be done in a few hours. But, then again it gives me a chance to do the language study I need to do.

Finally, I have things for his brother to do, and J is even informally learning to read. So, that means he’s bugging G a lot less, and bugging me less to “do school too.”

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