Organizing School

I talked about how this year is going so much better, partly because I organized.
Our family operates rather free and loose, mainly because there are many things that happen here that just can’t be planned. Like the day we were in the middle of doing math (G) and letters sounds (J), and a guy came to the house all covered in blood from a machete cut. Of course we had to put the math aside, and spend some time compressing the wound, feeding him and his family, and arranging transport to the hospital. I realized that G’s been getting good lessons in health and biology, because when my friend was too shaky/scared to put the blood pressure cuff on the guy, I was able to ask G to show her how to do it.

Anyways. It’s also my personality to not be super planned. But, I read this excellent post on How to Plan Your Homeschool Day by, and it made my brain finally click.

I also printed out the arrows planner from Confessions of a Homeschooler, and things just started falling into place. I researched Pennsylvania homeschooling law (our home state) which says that you need to have 180 days of instruction. So, I roughly blocked out 180 days on our home calendar, noting when we’d take breaks and such. We followed much the same schedule as

Then I wrote (in pencil) on the top of each book page what day we’d do the lesson or worksheet. I also roughly wrote it in in my planner. Along with my planner, I filed some physical and mental goals for G (from Sonlight last year), sight word flash cards, continents flash cards, pizza party coupons (for when he reads a certain number of books), and other little pretties to make my day go easier.

I had to give up the idea of doing workboxes or montessori style baskets (it takes WAY too much work), and I also had to give up the idea of doing a lot of my own curriculum development (once again WAY too much work). Once those ideas fell, I felt free to really enjoy doing school with G.

I’ve made up a homeschool planner for the next school year (2014-2015), though it could probably be tweaked for this year. While I love my arrows planner, it uses an awful lot of ink, and I printed out way too many planner pages (also wasting ink). Since we have to be careful with how much ink we use (it’s like liquid gold)…I’ve made this planner that uses a minimal amount of ink, and still looks cute (I think)…I still want to tweak the actual lesson plan pages so it fits more hours…for now, though, here you go.

Hope any of you out there can use it.

14-15 calendar.pdf

14-15 School Planner.pdf

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