pizza club

It seems like every homeschooling family has the same idea: bribe your kid with pizza to get them to read. Maybe it’s because we remember the Pizza Hut program when we were kids, maybe it’s because we want pizza, I don’t know.

Anyways, that’s what we did with G. And guess what? It works. Not as well as making a rule that he has to read a bit of a chapter book every night…that rule really works. But, the pizza thing also works great.

G is turning into a reader, not as fast as I expected, probably because he can get us to read books to him so easily. But, its exciting to see him jump from slowly, painfully, angrily (angry because he hates it that a lot of words don’t “follow the rules”) sounding things out, to reading semi-fast and comprehending. It’s very exciting to see a reader in the making!

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