The Universe

As I mentioned we are studying The Universe in our curriculum from Answers in Genesis. Since, it is an advanced curriculum (though it does have a section for beginners), we also do some supplementing with other books, ipad apps, and projects.

Books: The Magic School Bus: Lost In The Solar System, The Stars by H.A. Rey (excellent guide to the stars), On the Moon by Anna Milbourn, The Air We Breathe (a free download book by NASA), etc

Ipad apps: We have Starwalk which is a highly rated, powerful app that no one gets bored off. AND right now it’s only $.99. We also have There’s No Place Like Space by Dr. Seuss. It’s a fun app that also teaches a lot about the planets, but it’s pricey at $5.99.

Audio/Video: We enjoyed listening to free vintage records that have been made into mp3’s on


Printables: Constellation 3 part cards by Montessori for Everyone (FREE PRINTABLE, though I wish there was one that followed H.A. Rey’s way of tracing the constellations)
A is for astronaut unit by SpellOutloud and totally tots.
Space unit by Thoughts of Me. Totally cute, but no longer free.
Astronaut Preschool Pack by (that’s the one we printed out).

I don’t always like cutesy things like the units that I’ve listed above, and find that real pictures (see Montessori for Everyone or Montessori Printshop) are much more intriguing to the kids, and a better teaching tool. But, I still have a real weakness for most anything that comes from mr. printables (see below). The graphic design is fantastic. All that to say, the kids of course loved the Astronaut Preschool Pack from

Pretty things: summer stargazing (unfortunately they don’t have one for the southern hemisphere), and doodle on the moon by mr. printables (FREE!)

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