A trip to Thailand: Bangkok

A couple of months ago, we heard about some continued learning seminars that were being held in Chiang Mai, and decided to take advantage of them.

Bonus, we’ve never spent time in Chiang Mai.
Bonus, you have to go through Bangkok to get to Chiang Mai.
Bonus its TRAVELING.

After the trip down the mountain, a night in a small guesthouse thing, and what felt like half a day of traveling, we got to a smallish little airport. There we had some time to kill…so first off: root beer floats and hamburgers in A&W. The entire trip the boys had been bouncing up and down with excitement. But, I started to notice J was getting less and less excited, and then I knew something must be wrong because he didn’t even want his curly fries. “culy like my hair mama…”

Then he threw up…and we had a couple of runs (literally) to the bathroom, and I started having war zone flashbacks of when he had typhoid on another trip. We rushed him to the airport clinic that mercifully had air-conditioning + meds, and collapsed there until it was time to check into our flight.

Eventually we got to our GORGEOUS “serviced residence” in Bangkok (the Chatrium). Our friends were able to meet us, and share the spacious apartment-like space. We spent a few days enjoying BACON! THAI FOOD! THE SWIMMING POOL! GREEK YOGHURT! BATHTUBS! CHEESE! OLIVES!

But, my personal favorite…HANGING out and TALKING!Breakfast Timewatching TV at Chatrium ResidenceIn the pool at Chatrium Residence

We also did some sight seeing…shopping in a huge Asian mall…saw Khao San road early enough that it hadn’t yet turned into a pit of debauchery….rode a Tuk-Tuk. Touristy things that we don’t always do because we are trying to guard our image as authentic seekers of the real way of life (joking). Turns out that touristy things are fun too, that’s why they became popular.

Khao San RoadKhao San Road

We also took G to the Bumrungrad Hospital: a world-class, “destination” hospital. We were able to have his foot checked out, and get some advice on what to do for it.

Then on to Chiang Mai.

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