A Fall Party (without Fall)

We happened to be in town when the expat community had a costumes + candy party.

We were a bit low on costumes…our costume “closet” is still up in the mountains…but we were able to scrounge up a Captain America(ish) and a pirate costume.

When G saw these pictures he said, “I’m so glad that we did this one, I look just like Captain America.”
Yeah not so much, but I do love making him happy.

Too bad Mr. Pirate took off most of his costume in under 3 minutes. He actually looked really cute…eye patch, hook (thanks mom-mom and pop-pop), my batik head scarf… One thing he wouldn’t let go off: the fake tattoo sleeve things. He loves those.

He played the fishing game non-stop.

Sometimes it’s tough being in between big kid and little kid.

It was a fun chance to celebrate the non-existent fall, get too much candy, play games, hang out and speak English, and wear costumes (for a few minutes at least).

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