The Timeline

*sorry for the bad pictures…they were last minute + bad lighting

We have been studying through Mystery of History, and have been trying to develop a timeline that works for us.

We have very limited space to hang a huge timeline in our tight house. So, at first I was just planning on doing timeline work in a notebook.

But, since G is still young, and very tactile, I realized that we needed something hanging up that he could look at every day. If we had ceilings, I would have hung it over his bed.

Finally, I decided to follow the advice in Mystery of History, and make the timeline vertical instead of horizontal. Also, because I can’t just run to the store whenever I need supplies, and I didn’t have any poster board on hand, I decided to make our timeline out of fabric. We will be able to roll it up, and put it away when it’s not in use. On our first run through, I used multi colored duct tape for the lines, but it didn’t take long for it all to fall off. Next, I sewed ribbons. It was a bear to keep from going very crooked, but I just try to pretend not to see the really crooked parts.

The way the Mystery of History timeline is laid out is pretty rigid, to keep from having a messy timeline. But, it works for me. We are doing our own timeline figures…and I think they are turning out really cute…G is doing a great job. I’m thinking of scanning them and offering them if anyone is interested.

So, that’s how we made our timeline.

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